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The partnership program offers clients a unique package of benefits that place them at a significant advantage on the partnership scene. Divided into a revolutionary Introducing Broker Program and the powerful Affiliate Program, the system covers an array of partner types including bloggers, social media experts, and Forex educators among others. Each program opens a window of opportunity to become part of Gamification of Trading, and each has been developed with the intention of perfectly matching the different needs of our potential partners.

To get the most out of the partnership programs, choose the program which is most suitable for you and your type of business.

Become a Revolutionary Partner

Affiliate Program

Your unique selling points
  • Registration and app are 100% free
  • Controlled risk, you can stop a trade at any time
  • Time mode from 5 to 60 minutes
  • Visual realtime profit/loss
  • Simplicty. The whole app is as easy as 1, 2, 3
  • Gaming experience with high entertainment factor
  • Huge benefit from your own community
  • Own personalized app for a global business
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Become an Affiliate

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The 24Domino partner program rewards you with a range of benefits that you can tailor to your own practice goals.

We’ve created it to make you even more successful – no matter what success means to you.



The app is very easy to figure out and simple to navigate. It is hassle free for traders who do not have a lot of trading experience.
Gaming Experience

Gaming Experience

Through the application of elements of game design and game principles, 24domino offers a unique, fun, interactive and engaging experience to users with music and visual features. As your winnings increase, the bubble gets green and music volume increases. When you loose the bubble is red and music volume decreases.
Time mode

Time mode

After choosing the product you would like to trade, select the trade duration starting from 5-minute interval to a maximum of 60-minute interval for the trade. Therefore Swap-Free!
Lower Risk

Lower Risk

You choose the amount of money you would like to invest/risk per point for each position, which will clearly define your profit and absolute drawdown in a transparent way. Maximum risk $50 per position with unlimited positions!
Visual Real-Time Profit/Loss

Visual Real-Time Profit/Loss

As soon as you decide to buy or sell a position, you will find the bubble in the middle of the screen to monitor your actual profit/loss.